I haven’t updated the blog in a bit, so I thought I’d write a bit about what’s happened. First of all, I have some vindication for my 833 project, yesno. This past week there was a small thread on comp.functional about Boehm GC on OS X and how it sucks. Apparently there is some problem with reliably getting the registers on OS X—one poster claimed it to be “Apple’s fault”. In any case, I don’t feel so bad about having to work around libgc weirdness with yesno now.

My 833 project apparently went alright too. I was nervous handing it in, as ghc is fickle to get compiling and working, and I just sort of duct taped it together as best I could and handed it to Watt, half-expecting him to email me back the next day saying “how in the hell do you get this thing working?”. But I checked my mark today: after two courses I’m now sitting with a 100.0 GPA—it’s a little unsettling—so I’ll have to talk to him some time and see what he liked about it.

I’ve shifted my focus to static analysis of functional languages with real-time applications: primarily guaranteeing time and memory constraints. I’m vaguely playing around with Martin-Löf type theory, trying to come up with a good model to capture caching policy, with the aim of hopefully coming up with some cool cache model to submit to POPL this summer.