I apologize for the long delays between posts. Rest assured no news is good news, and it’s just business as usual.

One bit of exciting news, though, is that I’ve received an email from my old supervisor, Robin Cockett, at the University of Calgary. He has a project for a pretty cool sounding programming language based on Martin Hofmann’s work—where programs are restricted to polynomial time—and needs someone to worry about the implementation details. I’m pretty excited about the prospects.

Also I’ve decided to turn my idle attention to my Zipit, borrowed from my friend Albert. It’s kind of a fun little thing, if annoying to type on, but sports a 60MHz ARMv4 chip in it. I’m toying with the idea of having my compiler target not just C, but also ARM. I’ve got an ARM cross-assembler installed, so it’s just a matter of working out the networking details.

ARM is a surprisingly beautiful ISA. Everyone knows it for its pervasive use of conditional instructions, of course, but its addressing modes are quite nice as well. My only other exposure to pre- and post-index addressing was with the PDP-11, but ARM does it in a much cleaner way.